Wednesday, 20 October 2010

'Glee' GQ Photos surface: how about a SEX TAPE?

On Wednesday, the Parents Television Council denounced the creators of Glee, describing the spread as one that "borders on pedophilia".

He said Glee's younger viewers were "treated to seductive, in-your-face poses of the underwear-clad female characters posing in front of school lockers, one of them opting for a full-frontal crotch shot ... By authorizing this kind of near-pornographic display, the creators of the program have established their intentions on the show's direction. And it isn't good for families.

The racy photos feature actresses Dianna Agron and Lea Michele in come-hither, tarted-up vixen mode; in one shot, Michele, wearing underwear, is seated on a bench with her legs spread open.

"It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualizing the actresses who play high school-aged characters on Glee in this way," PTC President Tim Winter said in a statement Wednesday. "Sadly, this is just the latest example of the overt sexualization of young girls in entertainment."

See the photos and a "Near-Pornographic" behind-the-scenes video below and make up your mind for yourself.

UPDATE: Just got the infamous backstage video of the photoshoot, featuring girls' nudity(beware:NSFW), from one of our readers(thanks Matt):


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